reactR provides a set of convenience functions for using React in R with htmlwidget constructor templates and local JavaScript dependencies. The React ecosystem is rich with components that can enhance R web and Shiny apps. scaffoldReactWidget() helps build htmlwidgets to integrate these React components as R htmlwidgets. scaffoldReactShinyInput() does the same for Shiny inputs. The local dependency functions are modeled after the html_dependency_* functions from RStudio’s rmarkdown package.


You can install reactR from CRAN with install.packages("reactR"). For the development version, please use devtools as shown below.

Creating htmlwidgets with React Components

To wrap a React component as an htmlwidget, please see the tutorial htmlwidgets with reactR. Also, there are a variety of examples in the react-R Github organization.

Shiny Outputs and Inputs

htmlwidgets built with reactR work well in Shiny as outputs. In version 0.4.0 Alan Dipert has added the ability to easily create React-based official Shiny inputs with helpers and scaffolds. Please see the tutorial for more details.

Contributing and Code of Conduct

We welcome contributors and would love your participation. Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by the terms.