React is a syntactically-convenient way to create instances of React components that can be sent to the browser for display. It is a list for which extract methods are defined, allowing object creation syntax like React$MyComponent(x = 1) where MyComponent is a React component you have exposed to Shiny in JavaScript.



An object of class react_component_builder of length 0.


Internally, the component function is used to create the component instance.


# Create an instance of ParentComponent with two children, # ChildComponent and OtherChildComponent. React$ParentComponent( x = 1, y = 2, React$ChildComponent(), React$OtherChildComponent() )
#> <ParentComponent x="1" y="2"> #> <ChildComponent></ChildComponent> #> <OtherChildComponent></OtherChildComponent> #> </ParentComponent>